Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Molly Secours is a writer/filmmaker/speaker who has used her artistic talents to effect social change and public policy regarding inequities in health care, education, criminal justice etc.

In addition to being a Huffington Post writer, Secours’ writings have appeared in mainstream and internet magazines and newspapers and she has appeared on local and national television and radio talk shows including CNN's Paul Zahn Now and is a weekly co-host of "Freestyle" with veteran Nashville Journalist Ron Wynn. Currently,  Molly writes a monthly column for Nashville Arts Magazine called "Under the Radar" where she shines an all too seldom spotlight on talented individuals that make significant contributions in the Nashville community with their work.

As someone who is five years in remission from stage IV cancer, Secours writes about many issues from a healing perspective and draws the parallels between encountering a life threatening diagnosis and engaging a cultural conversation about institutional privilege--a symptom of an imbalanced and unhealthy society.

With her film company “One Woman Show Productions” and her documentary films, Secours has earned national recognition in the world of social justice.  And through her newest endeavor Lasting Legacies Video, Secours focuses her camera on 'everyday people with extraordinary life stories.'

Molly has produced videos for Death Penalty Institute and her health care documentary “Faces Of TennCare: Putting A Human Face On Tennessee’s Health Care Failure” short doc that was featured for two years on The Documentary Channel. Casting a national spotlight on Tennessee’s health care crisis, the film has been praised by members of the United States Congress including representatives John Conyers, Jesse Jackson Jr. and from Senator Edward Kennedy.

Currently in progress: a documentary film called House Of Alchemy. To view trailer and become a co-producer click here.

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"Molly Secours is an uncompromising fighter for racial equity and social justice...her writing and speaking styles blend humor and passion in a way few can match, and her ability to get white folks to examine their own internalized racism is second-to-none."

- Tim Wise, Author, Anti-racist author and activist

Ted Talk

As a speaker at TEDxNashville,
Molly shared an extraordinary
story of transformation during
a recent battle with cancer.
Watch the video.

Whispering Black

Secours illustrates the ways in
which most of us tend to
whisper around issues
of race and privilege.
Watch a clip from the lecture.

Faces of Tenncare

This short film by Molly
Secours chronicles the 2005
cut of 200,000 vulnerable
Tennesseans from state
health insurance coverage.

Pelosi Press Conference

In 2009, Molly was invited
to speak about her cancer
experience and the need
for healthcare reform.
See the video here.